Who we are

deHealth Lab has been established in 2005, in the former Department of Electronics, Informatics, Systems Engineering, with the name of Laboratory of Decision Support for Health Care Services.

Today deHealth Lab operates in the Department of Mechanical, Energy, Management Engineering (DIMEG), at University of Calabria. The Laboratory deals with the network of Private and Public bodies involved in Health Care sector, such as national, regional public bodies, private and public companies of the Health Care sector, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Biotechnological enterprise, research centers, and universites.



deHealth Lab mission is to innovate the data-oriented approach to e-Health, by representing, organizing Knowledge and Processes, through the formulation and the solution of Decisional Problems.



deHealth Lab approach to problems allows to define and develop the architecture of decisional processes, evaluating the objectives, selecting alternatives, implementing Decision Support Systems, monitoring results, up to the assesment of the expected impact.


Main deHealth Lab activities consist of the following:

  • Basic Research, Applied Research.
  • Industrial Research and Development.
  • Technology Transfer, Advanced Technical Consulting.
  • Higher Education Process, Vocational Training, Lifelong Learning Support.


deHealth Lab is able to offer innovative solutions meeting the requirements of the stakeholders involved.