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deHealth Lab innovates Healthcare systems and services, through the development and the integration of advanced architecures for health and clinical decision support.

Research and development activies, performed by deHealth Lab deal with the following lines:

Quantitavive Methods and Models, Software

  • Planning, Organization, and Control of Healthcare Services through decisional level integration.
    • Service Localization and Scaling (strategic decision).
    • Service capacity Allocation (tactic decision).
    • Business Process Management (Operational decisions).
  • Decision Suppport in Medical-Clinical Processes.
    • Prevention.
    • Diagnosis and Prognosis.
    • Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Techniques and Tools for Advanced Data Analysis, Processing, and Integration

  • Data, and Biomedical, Clinical, Health Information for descriptive analysis to support health/medical processes decision support.

deHealth Lab Case Studies of Success

  • Organization and Management of the Diagnostic Therapeutical Care Network of Calabria.
  • CDSS for Hearth Failure Disease.
  • Prognosis of Vegetative State Patients.
  • Localization of Italian Transplant Centers.
  • New approaches to Genetic Analysis.
  • Scheduling of Radiotherapy Patients.
  • Management of Week Hospital and Day Service.
  • Management of Operating Rooms.
  • Prognosis of Kidney Transplant Patients.