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Higher education, Vocational training, Lifelong learning, integrated training in Decision Engineering focused on Health, Biomedical, Clinical sectors.             

deHealth Lab Research and Development activities have significative outcomes in higher education and professional training initiatives.

Higher Education

  • In MSc in Engineering Managment (DIMEG, Università della Calabria) there exists a course of “ Services for Healt Care Systems” (9 ECTS).
  • In former MSc (before 2004) in Engineering Management and Computer Science Engineering (Faculty of Engineering, Università della Calabria), there existed course of “Planning and Management of Health Care Services” (5 ECTS) and of “Medical Decision Support Models and Methods” (5 ECTS).
  • In MSc in Biomedical Engineering (Università degli Studi “Magna Graecia”, Catanzaro), there are courses of “Operational Research for the Organization and Management of Health Care Services” (5 ECTS)
  • In MSc of Computer Science Engineering (Università degli Studi “Magna Graecia”, Catanzaro), there were courses of “Medical Decision Support Systems” (5 ECTS).
  • More than 150 MSc Thesis works supervised.

Vocational Training

  • In 2nd level Master of "Integrated Management Systems: Quality, Environment, Security" (Faculty of Engineering, Università della Calabria), a Module of “Qualitative Aspects in Service Provisioning” (12 hours).
  • In 2nd level Master of "Integrated Management Systems for Industrial Production Quality" (DIMEG, Università della Calabria), a Module of “Qualitative Aspects of Public Administration” (20 hours).
  • Vocational Training “HealthSOALearning: Standard and Technologies for SOA in Health Care”, (PON01_02934 – HEALTHSOAF project co-funded by MIUR). HealthSOALearning contributed to develop 2 novel professional profiles (i.e. Technical Experts, and End-Users), with advanced compentences of design, organization, management, and control of effective and efficient Health Care Systems.

The long term experience in research and training in the wide area of quantitative-computational methodologies applied to the Health sector, deHealth Lab can meet every need of education and vocational training.